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How MassQC Works - A Subsystem Approach
Supporting Thermo Mass Spectrometers.
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To aid effective analysis, MassQC breaks down the performance of LC-MS systems by subsystem metrics, developed by NIST:

Each subsystem has several metrics that characterize performance. You can see each metric at a glance.

A Simple Process
Reproducibility based on a simple process.
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MassQC uses a three-step process to build a foundation for reproducibility:

1) First run a standard protein sample, usually something like a Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) tryptic digest, run on an LC-MS/MS system, using a Data Dependent method

2) Next you upload the Thermo® Data Dependent Analysis (DDA) MS/MS *.RAW data to MassQC

3) And, finally, compare the newest results to a historic record using the Control Charts


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