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Loading RAW Files - Thermo RAW Data Dependent MS/MS Data

Loading your RAW files into MassQC is a simple process. These files must have been generated by a Thermo LTQ Series mass spectrometer for them to work in MassQC.

Load RAW Files

To select files to load into MassQC, you simply click the button in the picture above and a standard file directory dialogue box will appear:

Load Data Dialogue

Please note: it is very important that you load at least 25 Quality Control Standard Thermo RAW Data Dependent MS/MS files. If you load less than 25 files, the ranges in MassQC will not be computed. Once you have highlighted your samples and clicked Open, your data will begin going through the MassQC pipeline:

Files In Process

After your files are done, you can click the Dashboard or Control Charts tabs and view your data in MassQC! If you would like to see what happens to your data behind the scenes, click here.

Warning! PLEASE NOTE: If you close your browser or log out while RAW files are being uploaded to the MassQC server, these files will not be uploaded to the server. Until they are uploaded to the server, remain logged in to MassQC. Once the files have been successfully uploaded to the MassQC server and they are in queue for ReAdW, OMSSA or SpectraST, or MassQC metric analysis, you can log out or close the browser.

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