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Getting Started Overview

Thanks for your interest in MassQC. To get started using this powerful tool quality control, follow these simple steps:

  • Request a 30-day evaluation key from here
  • Download and install MassQC
  • Go to the Administration tab and enter your evaluation key to activate MassQC
  • Define the standard you use for your Quality Control Protocol on your LC-MS/MS by Creating an Analysis
  • Load Data: MassQC requires at least 25 Thermo┬« *.RAW Data Dependent Analysis (DDA) MS/MS runs of your standard sample
  • Look at the Dashboard to see a snapshot of your recent QC run
  • Learn about Ranges
  • Look at Control Charts to dig deeper into your Historical Data
  • What goes on behind the scenes when you Load RAW files?
  • Pay for MassQC - Learn How
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If you have questions, comments and/or insights about MassQC, you can share them on the MassQC Users Forum.

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