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What Does the ReAdW Failure Error Mean?

ReAdW is the program used to sift through the Thermo *.RAW file you loaded. It then generates a *.mzXML file that is input into the search engine. This error will occur if the file is corrupt, not a Data Dependent Thermo *.RAW file, or other input file problems are present. Sometimes you will notice your *.RAW file is very small (less than 1 MB). This could indicate that the run failed, or that perhaps a blank was run instead of a QC standard.

What Does the OMSSA Failure Error Mean?

This error will occur if the search engine, OMSSA, doesn't complete or encounters a problem. In the scope of the MassQC pipeline, this tool is very robust. It is more likely that ReAdW or NIST Metrics computation will fail. If OMSSA does fail, however, these are some of the reasons:

What Does the NIST Metrics Failure Error Mean?

This error will occur if the final stage of MassQC goes wrong. The NIST Metrics tool is the piece of software that actually calculates the numbers you see in the MassQC Dashboard. If all else goes smoothly in the MassQC pipeline, usually this stage runs smoothly too. However, occasionally you will see a NIST Metric error if the numbers used in the calculations are undefined or zero.


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